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La Resistance

Gregory'La Resistance' - including Gregory, Kyle, Stan, Eric, Kenny, Wendy and friends
'Mothers Against Canada' - led by Sheila BroflovskiSheila Broflovski
Army SoldiersSatan

In a secret meeting place, meeting about the tactics for rescuing Terrance and Phillip... (В секретном месте встреча, разрабатывают тактику о спасении Тэрранса и Филлипа)
 God has smiled upon you, this day,
The fate of a nation, in your hands.
And bless-ed be the children,
who fight with all our bravery,
'til only the righteous stand.

You see the distant flames,
they bellow in the night.
You fight in all our names,
for what we know is right.
And when you all get shot,
and cannot carry on,
though you die, 'La Resistance' lives on!

 You may get stabbed in the head,
with a dagger, or a sword.
You may be burned to death,
or skinned alive, or worse.
But when they torture you,
You will not feel the need to run for,
though you die, 'La Resistance' lives on!
To the scene of the Electric chairs, where Terrance and Phillip are to be executed, the 'Mothers against Canada' (MAC) sing...(Сцена меняется на электрический стул, где Тэрранс и Филлип должны быть убиты, поет хор "Мамы против Канады"(МПК)...)
  Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!
 Because the Country's gone awry!
tomorrow night these freaks will fry!
 Tomorrow night,
Our lives will change,
Tomorrow night,
We'll be entertained,
An execution!
What a sight!
Tomorrow night!
Scene changes to Hell, with Satan singing... (Сцена меняется на АД, где начинает петь Сатана)
 Up there there's so much room,
where babies blub, and flowers bloom.
Tomorrow night, up there is doomed,
Scene changes to Terrance and Phillip in prison, awaiting execution (Cцена меняется на тюрьму, где сидят Тэрранс и Филлип и ждут смерти)
 Shut your f**king face, Uncle f**ka,
You're a boner-biting b**tard Uncle f**ka,
 Looks like we may be out of luck,
 Tomorrow night we're pretty f**ked!
Scene changes back to the secret meeting place (Сцена меняется на секретное место)
  Why did our Mothers start this war?
What the f**k are they fighting for?
When did this song become a marathon?
 (Overlapping) I want to be up there!
 (Overlapping) When Canada is dead and gone,
There'll be no more Celine Dion!!!
 They may cut your dick in half,
and serve it to a pig,
and though it hurts you laugh,
and you dance a dickless jig!
But that's the way it goes,
in War you get shat upon!
Though you die, 'La Resistance' lives on!

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