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Mountain Town (Reprise)

Stan Marsh Sharon Marsh
Kyle BroflovskiEric Cartman
Sheila BroflovskiMrs Cartman

... and the people of South Park

A big rainbow covers the sky, and people start to come back to life after the war. Chef bursts into song... (Огромная радуга покрывает небо, люди начинаю возрощаться к жизни. Шеф начинает петь песню . . .)
 Everything worked out, what a happy end,
Americans and Canadians are friends again!
So let's all join hands and knock oppression down!
All Good Lordy I'm fine!
  Don't you know our little lives are now complete!
 cos Terrance and Phillip are sweet!
 Super sweet!
All  Thank God we live in this
quiet little, piss-head, red-neck,
poll-dog, dirt-water, ...
one-horse, slime-hole, blackened-wood,
right-wing, whistle-stop, hard-nail,
drunk-driving, ...

kick ass!


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