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Mountain Town

Stan MarshKenny McCormick
Kyle BroflovskiEric Cartman
Sharon MarshSheila Broflovski
Kenny's MumBaby Ike
Views of countryside, Stan walks out of his house, and starts walking down the road... (Виды города, Стэн выходит из его дома, и начинает идти вниз по улице)
  There's a bunch of birds in the sky,
And some deers just went running by.
Oh the snow's pure and white
on the earth rich and brown,
just another Sunday morning
in my quiet mountain town.

The sun is shining and the grass is green,
(under the three feet of snow, I mean).
This is the day when it's hard to wear a frown,
all the happy people stop to say hello...

Passer-by(S) Get out of my way!
 ... even though the temperature's low,
it's a perfect Sunday morning
in my quiet little mountain town.
(S)Well good morning Stan!
(S)Mum! Can I have eight dollars to see a movie?
(S) A movie? but I thought you were going Ice-skating?
(S)But this is going to be the best movie ever! It's a foreign film from Canada!
(S)All right, All right, here you go, but be back for supper!
(S) Thanks Mum!
Stan walks out... (Стэн выходит из дома...)
 Oh what a picture perfect child,
just like Jesus he's tender and mild,
he'd wear a smile while he wore a thorny crown!
What an angel with a heart so sweet and sure,
and a mind so open and pure,
thank God we live in this quiet redneck mountain town!
Stan arrives at Kenny's House, talks to Kenny's Mum... (Стэн пришел в дом к Кенни и начинает болтать с его мамой...)
(S)Hi, is your son home?
(S)I think so...
(shouting) hey!
(S) Ow!
(S)Kenny, Wake up!
Kenny, damn it, come on!
(S)Mmmph hummph mmmummph (Okay Mum!)
(S)Kenny! The Terrance and Philip movie is out - do you want to come?
(S) Mmmuuph .... (ohhh yeah, you bet-I-wanna come!)
(S)Where do you think you're going?
(S) Mmmph umphh... (We're going to see the movie)
(S)You can't - you have to go to church!
(S)Mmmmph mmmummmph.... (but Mum, I want to see the movie!)
(S)Well fine, go ahead and miss church. And then when you die and go to hell, you can answer to Satan!
(S)(Pauses) Mmmph hummph. (Okay!)
Kenny and Stan walk down the street, stepping over a homeless person sleeping... (Кенни и Стэн идут вниз по улице, перешагивают через спящего бомжа ...)
 You can see your breath hanging in the air,
you see homeless people but you just don't care,
it's a sea of smiles in which we'd be glad to drown!
 Mmph... perfect mountain town,
as everybody can see...
 ... That's right! It's Sunday morning in our quiet
little white-bred red-neck mountain town.
At Kyle's House... (В доме у Кайла)
(S)Ok Ike, let's try this one more time.
(S)Bah Bah Bah
(S) Ready Ike? Kick the baby!
(S)Don't kick the baby.
(S)Kick the baby.
(S)Kyle! We're going to the Terrance and Phillip movie!
(S)Oh my God dude!
(S)Kyle! What's going on?
(S)Nothing! We're going skating now.
(S) Oh, well take your little brother out with you.
(S)Aw, Mum! He's not even my little brother! He's adopted!
(S)Do as I say Kyle!
(S)Okay Okay, I'm sorry!
The boys leave Kyle's house... (Ребята покидают дом Кайла...)
 Look at those frail and fragile boys,
it really gets me down.
The world is such a rotten place,
and city life's a complete disgrace!
That's why I moved to this red-neck mushuganah
quiet mountain town!
The boys arrive at Cartman's house, and ring the bell... (Ребята подошли к дому Картмана и звонят ему в дверь)
(S)Mum! Somebody's at the door!
Mum! Somebody's at the door I said!
(S) Coming hun!
Mrs Cartman walks momentarily in front of the TV to answer the door... (Мисис Картман немедленно спускается чтоб открыть дверь и проходит около телевизора загорождая его...
(S)Ahh! Can't see the TV!
(S)It's been six weeks since Saddam Hussein was killed by a pack of wild boars, and the world is still glad to be rid of him.
(S)Oh look Eric, It's your little friends!
(S) Ga Gaa
(S) What are you guys doing here?
Oh sweet dude! YES! YES!
The whole group are singing, walking down the street towards the cinema... (Все ребята поют и идут прямо к кинотеатру...)
 Off to the movies we shall go,
where we learn everything that we know,
cos the movies teach us what our
parents don't have time to say...
And this movie's gonna make our lives complete,
cos Terrance and Phillip are sweet...
 Super Sweet!
 Thank God we live in the quiet little
red-neck polldog white-trash...
  mmph mmph! (Kick ass!)
 U... S... A!!!!!
Stan asks the Cinema attendant... (Стэн просит у кассира билеты...)
(S)Can I have 5 tickets to Terrance and Phillip's 'Asses of Fire' please?
Cinema Attendant (S)No!
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